Big Bad Billy Goatetsky

Big Bad Billy Goatesky

Name: Big Bad Billy Goatetsky
Additional Info: Old kid on the block
Afflation: Evil Sinistras
Record: W0, L3
Appearance: Seasons 2, 4, 5

Like the angry old man across the street who won't return your Frisbee, kid hating Big Bad Billy Goatetsky is quite the curmudgeon. Raised by goats in a petting zoo after being left there by his parents, he quickly learned to hate kids for their constant petting.His special is the Big Bad Butting Barrage.His real name is William Lorenzo Goatetsky. He is portrayed by Ben Masten. W-5, L-10

Matches Participated In
Match Win Lose
Mr. Extremo No Yes
James Montgomery Flag No Yes
Cleat Cunningham No Yes


Season 2

Big Bad Billy Goatetsky's grumpy career begun on Season 2 facing Mr Extremo. Goatetsky attempted to give Extremo some manners, but Extremo's extremely strong punches were too much for him.

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Season 4

Billy returned in season 4. He beat James Montgomery Flag when it came to strength, but James' endurance helped him win the match.

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Season 5

Billy was back again for Season 5, but got beaten by new Dextera Superstar, Cleat Cunningham.

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  • Billy has been raised by goats since he was 11