Big Star

The Big Star

Name: Big Star
Description: He's a Big, Big Star
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W0, L1
Seasons: Season 2 and "Hug It or Punch It?"
Portrayal: Walt Gardner

Big Star is a Mighty Dextera thumb wrestler who will do anything to be the top of the heap!


Big Star is a cousin to famous TWF wrestler, The Big Time. He was quite proud of this connection, and wanted to prove himself in the ring to gain recognition. Unfortunately, because of his low intelligence level and childish behavior, The Big Time would not allow him to join the Sinistras. He was accepted in to The Dexteras however, and fights for them, only to get the respect he wants from his huge cousin.

Personality and Battling Style


Big Star is unintelligent to put it kindly. He speaks in simple sentences, and acts naive. He only cares about gaining respect from his cousin. And being a big, big, star!

Battling Style

Just like other low-intelligent wrestlers, Big Star heavily relies on his above-average strength to best his opponents. However, he becomes a victim of his own intelligence far too often.

Special Move Star Spangeled Slammer

Big Star pulls back then releases a deathly punch to his opponet and knocks over his opponet.


Opponent Outcome
Evil Ira Lose

Season 2

Big Star began his career facing the tricky Sinistra Evil Ira, after he survived the Evil Eye, little did he know that his cousin The Big Time came to stop Big Star from winning.

See: Evil Ira vs Big Star

Season 3

He returned to play everybody's favorite game, Hug It or Punch It?. In round 3, he went against the crowd and hugged a bacon cheeseburger. He was supposed to punch it. The burger exploded, and Big Star went flying.