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Billy Batboy

Billy Batboy was always a confused child. Billy grew up to be even more confused and somehow convinces himself that he's a bat. With neither rigorous training nor any real idea of how to fight. Billy Batboy depends on his costume to strike fear into any Dextera that crosses his path. Unfortunately for Billy, his costume isn't very scary, it doesn't make him look much like a bat, and he doesn't have any bat-powers. His special is that he summons a giant bat name Leatherwing. He fought in Royal Thumble. He is so confused that Ouch can beat him. He and Ouch are the weakest wrestlers. His Signature move is Leather wing and the Bat-a-tat-tat. He is portrayed by Ben Masten.


Thinks He Is Really a Bat

Power: 19%

Agility: 42%

Stamina: 23%

Confused: 90%

Matches Participated In

Match Win Lose
Wasabi No Yes
Mahi Mahi Mindy (Royal Thumble, Tie) No No
Hometown Huck No Yes


  • In his match with Wasabi, it is revealed that he is an only child.
  • Billy is not evil, more wannabe.
  • In the Royal Thumble, he is the first one to beat Mahi Mahi Mindy, although he got beat by her shortly after (although indirectly).
  • He was one of the Sinistras who helped get Senator Skull his leadership back. The others are The Big Time, Evil Ira, and N Fuego.
  • There is a rumor that he lost to Ouch.
  • Despite being the weakest ones on their teams, him and Ouch were the first minors on their teams to face two majors from the other team.
  • He can be spotted in every season.(In season 1 he fought Wasabi, in season 2 he was fighting in the locker room brawl in the Royal Thumble, in season 3 he fought Hometown Huck and in season 4 he was seen ruining a few of Buck Gazillion's plans.)