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Bucks Gazillion

Name: Bucks Gazillion
Additional Info: Billionaire Bad Guy
Affilation: Former Leader of Sinistras
Record: 4W-0L
Seasons appeared in: Season 3-4
Portrayed by: Marc Thompson

Bucks Gazillions is the Sinistras' billionaire moneymaker and Season 3 Champion.

Background Info

Bucks was living the good life, masions, swimming pools, his own indoor zoo. He had it all, but, all he need was the TWF, so he set off to the TWF and The Sinistras to claim his championship.

Personality + Battling Style


Buck's personality is greedy, and truly evil.

Battling Style

Bucks combines trickery with cold hard cash to help him win a match. To help, he has an assistant name Steve.


Opponent Outcome
Wasabi Win
Hometown Huck Win
Mr. Extremo Win
Face-Off Phil Win

Season 3

Bucks swept the competition, defeating the best of the Dexteras and claimed the Sinistras first championship.


Season 4

With the TWF under the control of Gazillion Inc. Bucks plans to keep that way by helping his Sinistra comrades win matches, but his plans failed when Senator Skull decided to take back the Sinistras.


  • Buck's business is unknown, but he's an entrepreneur.
  • Bucks made more than half of the major wrestlers in the Sinistras quit. They are: Senator Skull (Season 3 Championship), Big Time (The Big Time vs Pierre Pamplemousse), and Itsy Bitsy (Unit 19G vs Corbata).
  • Bucks has challenged and beaten every Dextera major except Vini Vidi Victory.
  • He banished Senator Skull after winning the Season 3 Championship.
  • In the Season 4 Championship, he was overthrown by most of the Sinistra majors and Billy Batboy.
  • His mother looks exactly like him, except she has a red wig.
  • It is also revealed that he had to learn not to throw away the silverware.
  • First major wrestler to actually leave the whole thing.
  • First sinistra champion.
  • His record is perfect, all wins and no losses.