Captain Carpal
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Captain Carpal

Name: Captain Carpal
Additional Info: Seafaring Scallywag
Afflation: Evil Sinistras
Appearance: Season 2-4
Record: 1W-2L
Portrayal: Marc Thompson

Captain Carpal is the scurvy-ridden pirate of The Evil Sinistras.

Background Info

Captain Carpal was born as Tiberius Carpal and was always one the strange children at school. Nobody understand Tiberius or what was wrong with him, and didn't know what to do with him, until one person discovered he is a pirate. After that, Tiberius set off to the seas and became the Terror Of The Spanish Main, in a few years he became bored of the pirate life, and set sail to the TWF ring, joining The Sinistras as the deadly Captain Carpal.

Personality + Battling Style

Captain Carpal's personality is like any other pirate, where he commonly says "Arrr!". He would normally taunt his opponent in a way the opponent doesn't understand. He is always annoyed by his faithful parrot Polly.

  • Signature Move: Carpal Cutlass

The Carpal Cutlass is where Captain Carpal extends his index finger, revealing a long, sharp nail and would slash his opponent in a way similar to Sir Serpent's snake swipe.

  • Signature Move #2: Carpal Tunnel

The Carpal Tunnel is where Captain Carpal would remove his bandana, revealing a long, sharp fingernail, and would charge on The Dexteras.

  • Signature move #3: Carpal Cannon

This move is a single cannon shot. It is his most popular move.


Opponent Outcome
Vini Vidi Victory Lose
Knockout Ninja Win
Miss Fitwell Lose

Season 2

Captain Carpal started off his career against the leader of The Dexteras, Vini Vidi Victory. Vini had no trouble againist the seafaring pirate, but after a taste of the Carpal Cutlass, Vini found himself against the ropes. Captain Carpal decides to finish off Vini with the Carpal Tunnel, it seemed victory was near, but Vini quickly escapes the Carpal Tunnel, causing Captain Carpal to jam his thumb into the ring poles, rendering him immobilized. Vini takes this chance and pins Captain Carpal

Season 3

Returning to Season 3, Captain Carpal faces against The Dexteras stealthiest wrestlers Knockout Ninja. Each time the captain tries to land a hit, Knockout Ninja just simply moves out of the way. In the next round, Knockout Ninja was just running around the entire ring, Captain Carpal took this time to complete his crossword puzzle. After Knockout Ninja has been exhausted from running, Captain Carpal was able to land some hits. Round Three begins and Captain Carpal has had enough of this, he then finishes Knockout Ninja with a cannonball shot.

Season 4

To continue a winning streak for The Sinistras, Captain Carpal has returned to face Miss Fitwell. Miss Fitwell gives Captain Carpal some dental hygiene seeing that he has not brushed his teeth(for 2 months in fact!). Captain Carpal as able to land some hits on Miss Fitwell after offering her an apple. With rounds 1 & 2 going by quickly, Polly tricks Miss Fitwell into thinking someone is cutting in line. Seeing that Polly is quick and smart, Miss Fitwell traps Polly in a cage to become her class pet. In an effort to save Polly, Captain Carpal rush over to him, but finds himself pinned by Miss Fitwell, finally breaking the Dextera Losing Streak.


  • In his appearance in Season 4. Captain Carpal's bandana was lowered so the band of his eyepatch is covered.
  • Polly seems to be faithful to Captain Carpal, even though being poorly treated in some matches