Name: Corbata
Additional Info: Video game wizard
Afflation: Evil Sinistras
Record: W0, L2
Appearance: Seasons 1 and 4

Corbata is the champion of video games he has beat the amateur, teen, and professional video game circuits and then later moved on to the TWF and joined the evil Sinistras and when in a match he makes the sound of a game controller and uses his opponents as a controller. also he talks game language like fuck thisgame) Noob (unskilled person) and game buttons like square and circle. His special is a deadly ILLEGAL move called the Cheat Code . He also was the biggest cheater before The Cheetah came. His personality is like a high-school bully, which doesn't help him in maches much at all.

It also revealed that he has a mother that likes Brussel Sprouts (Evil Ira said so, and his mother said that was not true). W-8 L-11

Matches Participated In
Match Win Lose
Wasabi No Yes
Unit 19G No Yes

  • Power: 50%
  • Agility: 67%
  • Stamina: 82%
  • Moves: 81%

Personality and Battling Style

Corbata is, much like the other Sinistras are cocky and usually underestimate his opponent's ability, He is also likes to talk in a game language like 'LOL(Laughing out Loud), GG (Good Game). He also sharp-mouthed, often taunting and insulting his opponents. He is also some kind of 'Mama's Boy' as in the match with wasabi he shouts 'Mommy' when pummeled by Wasabi. Corbata is clumsy, proved in the match with Unit 19G he forgets his own Cheat

Battling Style : Corbata uses a quick move and combined with some cheat, he usually hit his opponents like hitting a button on a joystick. And despite have a high stamina, he gets easily beaten by small number of hits, (Only 4 hits in his match plus pinned with Unit 19G)


  • When Corbata hits his opponent, he makes a poking sound.
  • Corbata is the only wrestler who has appeared in two matches in Season 1 and Season 4, but has lost both of them.
  • Corbata's mother looks exactly like him except she wears a blonde wig.
  • Corbata finds playing video games a "learning experience" since he learns new moves when he plays.
  • He has no manners


Corbata's career begins on Season 1 facing the Female Powerhouse, Wasabi. Corbata gets an advantage by some fast moves called 'Corbata Boom Bata', and narrowly defeated her with his Cheat Code, But he lost after distracted by Pinky and hearing The Best Poem Ever. Returning in Season 4, Corbata faces the Dexteras Robot, and after his Cheat Code didn't effect Unit 19G, Unit 19G is taking the Advabtage by some hard-hitting bash hits, When it seems lost for Corbata, Bucks Intervenes and sabotages/hack Unit19G with a joystick, but Billy Batboy gets in a fight with Itsy Bitsy for controlling the joystick Itsy accidentally drop the Joystick, and the control is released from Unit 19G. Corbata uses a cheat code again, only to drop a harmless feather to Unit 19G.