Danny Kaboom

Danny Kaboom

Name: Danny Kaboom
Additional Info: Explosion-Loving Science Geek
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W3, L4
Appearance: Seasons 2-5
Portrayed by: Keith Vincent
―Danny Kaboom[src]

Danny Kaboom is a Mighty Dextera Thumb Wrestler who is an expert in demolitions


Before joining the TWF, in public school, Danny Kaboom wasn't a very good student. He never bothered to study and had never set any goals in his future. After one fateful day, Danny caused an explosion in his science class, lucky nobody was hurt, but Danny was blasted all the way to the Dextera headquarters, catching up with Hometown Huck and Gary the Intern in training. Danny explained what happened and they taugh him how to explode objects more responsibly. This made Danny Kaboom an expert at explosives and a great addition to the Dexteras.

Personality and Battling Style


Danny is smart, and he is also witty in a bad way. He's extremely over-confident, which usually is his downfall.

Battling Style

Danny mixes head on battling with his personal arsenal of explosives and heavy-artillery. It's a very effective fighting style, but he is often overpowered.


Opponent Outcome
N Fuego Lose
Queen Nefercreepy Lose
Evil Ira Win
Mugsy Thumbscrew Win
The Visitor Lose
The Black Knight Win
The Big Time Lose

Season 2

Danny Kaboom exploded into Season 2 facing the firey Sinistra N Fuego.

See: N Fuego vs Danny Kaboom

Season 3

Danny returned to face the wrath of Queen Nefercreepy and here line of deadly curses.

See: Queen Nefercreepy vs Danny Kaboom

Season 4

Thanks to the training with The Stash, Danny Kaboom made an explosive comeback in Season 4, defeating some tricky Sinistra and making it into the semifinals of Season 4.


Season 5

Danny returned to Season 5 and defeated Sinistra newcomer The Black Knight. Later, Danny Kaboom is obliterated by The Big Time in the Quarterfinals