Danny Kaboom vs Evil Ira
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TWF - Danny Kaboom vs

TWF - Danny Kaboom vs. Evil Ira


Episode: 62
Match: 8
Season: 4
Winner: Danny Kaboom                                                               
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Round 1

Evil Ira starts by dropping a safe, but Danny avoids it, then throws a stick of dynamite near Ira sending him flying down to the mat.

Round 2

Evil Ira uses the Evil Eye To hypnotize Danny Kaboom and convince him to sleep on his own explosives. Pinky tells Danny to wake up, then Evil Ira decides to finish Danny off the old-fashioned way.

Round 3

Danny is out of options, but The Stash tells Danny that the real explosives were "inside him all along". Danny states the Stash is right, prompting Danny to hit Evil Ira multiple times. Then Danny started to shake violently, causing a huge explosion on Ira, sending him flying again and landing on the mat, landing Danny a victory