Dorsal Flynn

Dorsal Flynn

Name: Dorsal Flynn
Additional Info: Fish Out of Water
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W0, L1
Appearance: Season 1

Dorsals Stats and Picture

Dorsal Flynn is a bad comedian that quit comedy and decided to try thumb wrestling. Even though he's old and even if he's not funny (sorry, but it's true) he still has the special The Blow Hole that shoots water at the challenger. He also finishes most of his sentences by: "YOU SEE!" or "SEE!" But he has been the TWF Interviewer for extra activity.

The Big Time Lose

  • Stats
  • Power:30%
  • Agility:53%
  • Stamina:45%
  • Humor:20%


Season 1

He went against The Big Time, but was taken out quick

See: The Big Time vs Dorsal Flynn


  • He became an interviewer for the wrestlers that reached the finals after his match with The Big Time.
  • He used to be a stand-up comedian but then quit due to his lack of comedy
  • He is one of the people who got the Stash's training, but didn't use it immediately, like Ouch, Big Star, and Fly Guy