Evil Ira
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Evil Ira

Name: Evil Ira
Additional Info: Zany Magician Trickster
Afflation: Mighty Dextera(Season 1), Evil Sinistras(After defeating N Fuego)
Record: 4W-2L
Seasons appeared in: Season 1-4

Evil Ira is a fomer Mighty Dextera Wrestler, and now an Evil Sinistra.

Background Info

Raised in a remote village in Transylvania, Evil Ira was born with a third eye, much to the shock of his parents. He then realized that his third eye has supernatural power, he used these powers to his advantage, much to the dislike of his parents. He soon found a career in professional thumb wrestling, where he chose the name Good Ira, but was already taken, forcing him to be named Evil Ira. He then joined The Mighty Dexteras, but it wasn't long until he found out that his true home was with the Sinistras.

Personality + Battling Style


Evil Ira's personality as a Dextera was kind, but had a change of heart and lived up to his name with the Sinistras.

Battling Style

Evil Ira's battling style is a combo of force and dropping many objects on his opponent

Signature Move: The Evil Eye: The Evil Eye is Ira's siganture move, he uses the power of his third eye "The Evil Eye" to make his opponent sleepy, with this, he can control his opponent on command, or would normally drop an item on them.


Opponent Outcome
The Amoeba Win
The Lost Viking Win
N Fuego Win
Hometown Huck Lose
Big Star Win
Danny Kaboom Lose

Season 1

Evil Ira began his career using his third eye to trample the competition, after his victory in the Quarterfinals, he turned sides to the Sinistras, but was defeated by his former teamate.


Season 2

Ira returned to face The Big Time's cousin The Big Star. After his Evil Eye had no affect on Big Star, it was The Big Time to the rescue.

See: Evil Ira vs Big Star

Season 4

Evil Ira came back for Season 4, facing Dextera demolitions expert Danny Kaboom, who almost blew up Danny with his own bombs, but his new found strenght helped Danny prevail in the match.

See: Danny Kaboom vs Evil Ira


  • Dick Thompson says he is a "vampire magician", but doesn't seem to have any vampire powers or weaknesses.
  • He has a mysterious counterpart called Good Ira.
  • Evil Ira has 3 victories from the Dexteras and one from the Sinistras