Face-Off Phil
Phil In A Match

Face-Off Phil

Name: Face-Off Phil
Additional Info: Canada's Favorite Hockey Player
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W5, L2
Seasons: Seasons 2-4
Portrayal: Sean Schemmel
" It's time to drop your gloves and FIGHT!!!!"
―Face-Off Phil[src]

Face-Off Phil is a former Canadian Knuckle Hockey League player, Mighty Dextera Thumb Wrestler, And Runner up in Season 3.


Born and raised on the ice rinks in Canada, Face-Off Phil became one of the best hockey players in the Canadian Knuckle Hockey League. He had the skills to do just about anything. But the one thing he could do best was fighting: no one could oppose him. Things looked like they couldn't get any better for Phil, when his fame and skill for fighting attracted Dextera Agents. Phil quickly excepted the offer to wrestle, giving the Dexteras another big Powerhouse.

Personality + Battle Style

Phil is an all out excited and hyperactive guy. He has a lot of pride for Hockey and his home country of Canada. Anyone who dares insult his sport and country pays dearly. He's all about fair play, and hates it when people start playing dirty. He is also impulsive and dim-witted, falling for tricks such as being told that a famous sports star is somewhere close by. He has a habit to 'rage' when he's angry, which helps him win his matches. Like all Hockey Players, Phil has a deep-seeded fear for figure skaters.

Battling Style


Being a former hockey player, Phil combines close quarters combat with hockey moves for a powerful assault. He can body-check his opponent into the guard rail, skate around opponents and hit them before they notice, shoot hockey pucks at them, and other things.

Signature Move: Left-Wing Lock: One of Face-off Phil's signature moves, Phil moves side to side, before striking his opponent and pinning them.

Signature Move 2: Slap Shot Slammer: Phil's second signature move. He shoots hockey pucks at his opponent, knocking them out.

Signature Move 3: Manitoba Mauler: Phil's 3rd signature move. It's a 4-hit Combo pinning move.


Opponent Outcome
The Cheetah Win
Itsy Bitsy and The Visitor Win
Senator Skull Win
Queen Nefercreepy Win
Bucks Gazillion Lose
Scoutmaster Scott Win
N Fuego Lose

Season 2

Face-Off Phil began his amazing career facing some tricky Sinistras and teaming up with fellow Dextera wrestler Vini Vidi Victory!.


Season 3

Phil returned to Thumber Summer, it was a tough road to the Championships, but was cheated out by Billionaire Bad Guy Bucks Gazillion.


Season 4

Phil came back to Season 4, fighting a match against the merit-less leader Scoutmaster Scott, and faced his polar opposite N Fuego in the Quaterfinals.



  • Phil often ends his sentences in "Eh", and always pronounces "ou" as "oo".
  • Both of Phil's losses were do to Bucks Gazillion Cheating.