Name: Flashback
Additional Info: Completely Confused
Record: 0W-1L
Vini Vidi Victory Lose

|Season 1 !Portrayed By |Sean Schemmel. Flashback is a very forgetful Sinistra.


Flashback has forgotten most of his background. All that is known is that he is very evil, but usually forgets he's in a fight. This is why he he rarly wins a match.

Personality + Battling Style

Flashback has a forgetful personality, always forgetting he's in a fight. Besides that, he is ssupposed to be evil, but that is not shown much.

Battling Style:

Flashback, as mentioned earlier, always forgets he's in a fight. He also sometimes thinks of wacky stuff, like his dog muffins. However, he is good when he remembers, and his signature move is deadly.

Signature Move: Photo Finish In the Photo Finish, Flashback takes a picture, blinding the opponent. This move is so strong, it almost took out Vini Vidi Victory


Season 1

Flashback proved himself a deadly foe against the leader of the Dexteras, Vini Vidi Victory (he had red eye!), but could not survive the Vini Vidi Vada-voom.