Gary the Intern
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Gary the Intern

Name: Gary the Intern
Additional Info: Hails from Sidney, Australia
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W0-L2
Appearance: Seasons 1, 5
Portrayal: Wane Grayson

Gary the Intern is the Dexteras Australian hairstylist and intern

Background Info

Gary was a former hair stylist when in Sydney. He is now the Dexteras intern, but still uses his skills in styling in matches.

Personality + Battling Style


Gary's personality is like many Australian natives. He shows to be happy of being an intern.

Battling Style

Gary's battling style is combining his battling skills with hair styling.


Opponent Outcome
Senator Skull Lose
Itsy Bitsy Lose

Season 1

Gary began his career began Senator Skull's first victim. Altough he gave the Senator a bad hair day, Gary was put out by the Skulls Revenge Shocker.

See: Senator Skull vs Gary the Intern

Season 5

Gary returned to give Itsy a new hair style, but didn't claim the win.

See: Itsy Bitsy vs Gary the Intern (Note, he would have won against Laughing Looney later in the Season, but it was forgoten)


  • Listen closely to his voice. His has an Austrailian Vini Vidi Victory voice. Both are portrayed by Wayne Grayson.
  • In a training with The Stash segment, he was shown demonstrating his strength by pulling a car for a distance.