Name: Gill
Additional Info: Mutant or Swamp Monster or Both
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W1, L1
Appearance: Seasons 1 and 3

Gill is a swamp monster Dextara. It is revealed that he can shoot goop out of his eyes, and that he cleans his ears with his tongue.

Profile: Gill has seen some dirty places in his time, but that's what he calls home. Moving from swamp to marsh to sewer to circus, Gill has always been a fan of grime and grease. When he joined the Dexteras, he made a promise to uphold a degree of hygiene in the locker room - as long as he was allowed to muck things up in the TWF ring!

He is a character who has many specials including : Bubbles, slime slop, gross-out attack. And his deadly special: Swap mud flop

Match Win Lose
vs Itsy Bitsy No Yes
vs Mugsy Thumbscrew Yes No


  • Gill's description is a SWAMP MONSTER but his face resembles a Fish.
  • Gill's appearance somehow resembles 'Mudkip' from the Pokemon Series and has a similiar 'moves' like a swamp mud wallop.
  • There is slime in his mouth.
  • Gill is one of the few wrestlers who lost a match earlier in the series and won a match later in the series.
  • Mahi Mahi Mindy is in love with him, and he feels the same way
  • He has the shortest name in the TWF


Season 1

Gill started his career in Season 1 against Itsy Bitsy. It started off clean at first, but then Gill threw his intestines out and start talking about how he is gross, so Itsy Bitsy countered  with other gross facts about herself. In the end, Gill was defeated after getting trapped in Itsy's web.

Season 3

He then returned in Season 3 against Mugsy Thumbscrew. Gill was getting beat up by Mugsy's henchmen, so he uses a few gross attack to defeat them. Mugsy Thumbscrew almost crushed Gill, but Gill dodged his pwerful move and was able to defeat him with the Swamp Mud Flop.