Hometown Huck
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Hometown Huck

Name: Hometown Huck
Additional Info: A True Gentleman Hero
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras, 2nd in command
Record 8W-5L
Appearance: Season 1-5
Portrayal: Chris Kromer

Hometown Huck is one of the Mighty Dexteras' strongest wrestlers, and Season 1's Champion.


Growing up in the peaceful little town Omaha, Nebraska, Hometown Huck was a good-natured kid. He would always help out wherever he could. From walking the elderly across the street, to rescuing cats out of trees, to calling out numbers for bingo night, Huck was generally liked all over. One day, however, changed his life. While working in the field, Huck spotted his neighbor, Martha Lou, picking flowers in the path of a runaway tractor. Huck quickly shoved her out of the way. Realizing that there could be other people needing help, Huck decided to set out on a journey to find where he would be of greatest help. In the face of danger from Senator Skull, Huck joined the TWF and the Mighty Dexteras, giving them one of the most powerful wrestlers in the League.

Personality + Battling Style

Hometown Huck is a wholesome thumb. He is Polite and keeps his manners in and outside of the ring, rarely if not ever insulting his opponents. Overwhile in Season 2 and Season 3, Hometown Huck's personality has changed. He insults his opponents, and bullies weaker opponents. He keeps his manners, but is not polite to his opponents, more likely due to winning the Season 1 championship.

Battling Style:


Being one of the fastest wrestlers on the Dextera's lineup, Hometown Huck's strength lies in his speed. Offensively, he can drill his opponent with great speed. Defensively, Huck is able to slip through even a triple reversal.

Signature Move: Hometown Shuffle:

Huck's Signature Move is the Hometown Shuffle, a multiple hit move. It's solely a fan-powered move. The Move begins when the Fans yell out HOMETOWN while Huck begins to wind up. The Fans then yell out SHUFFLE. then Huck begins to slide to the left and the right of his opponent, hitting him/her. The Crowd Yells out THE HOMETOWN SHUFFLE 3 times while Huck hits his opponent. afterwards, Huck pins his opponent.

Signature Move #2: Houston Huckster: Huck's other finishing move is the Houston Huckster. It's a speed-based move where he hits his opponent on the head several times while it's locked, and then pins his opponent.

Signature Move #3: Austin Avalanche: Huck's 3rd signature move, which isn't a finisher, is the Austin Avalanche. Its a wind-up speed-based move that involves Huck winding up then hitting his opponent very quickly while doing different hit styles.


Season 1

Opponent Outcome
The Scorchion Win
Sir Serpent Win
Itsy Bitsy Win
Evil Ira Win
The Big Time Win
Senator Skull Lose
Billy Batboy Win
Bucks Gazillion Lose
Rolf the Reaper Lose
The Visitor Lose
The Cheetah Win
Mugsy Thumbscrew Win
The Big Time* Lose

Hometown Huck's incredible Season 1 run included several close calls versus some of the sneakiest Sinistra lackeys, as well as a championship playoff run with exciting matches against the sinistra's toughest competitors as well as dextera turned sinistra, Evil Ira, before ultimately defeating The Big Time in the Championship.


Season 2

Hometown Huck starred in several shorts before making a short but futile attempt at defending his title against Senator Skull


Season 3

Hometown Huck appeared in the Dextera Headquarters short before fighting several matches against the simple-minded Billy Batboy and the Billionaire-Bad Guy, Bucks Gazillion.


Season 4

Hometown Huck mad a humiliating appearance in Season 4, falling to several of the weakest Sinistras in the league.


Season 5

Hometown Huck made a comeback in Season 5 battling it out with some of the trickiest Sinistras in the TWF.



  • In his match with Evil Ira, it revealed that Huck's hometown is Omaha
  • Before every match, Huck gives a shoutout to several towns, cities, countries and continents.
  • Hometown Huck has faced every Sinistra Majors except N Fuego.
  • Hometown Huck is the only wrestler to have appeared in all 4 Thumber Summers. The Big Time and Senator Skull had previously shared this record, but had forfeit when they retired.
  • He is the first Dextera to lose to The Visitor.
  • Hometown Huck has one of the largerst winning streaks in the TWF, with 5 wins in a row.