"Bring it on!"
―Itsy Bitsy[src]
Itsy Bitsy
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Itsy Bitsy

Name: Itsy Bitsy
Additional Info: Evil Spider Temptress
Afflation: Evil Sinistra
Record: 5W - 4L

Seasons appeared in: Season 1-5

Itsy Bitsy is a former Evil Sinistra Thumb Wrestler and was the Top female powerhouse for them.


Born as a half spider mutant, Itsy Bitsy not one to mess with. Despite her deadlyness, all the boys were crazy for her. They didn't take warning. Itsy gladly excepted there gifts, but shunted them aside, beeing a self-proclaimed widow. Using her charms and poisonous fangs, she began using the boys to get what she wanted, and ate or killed them when she was done with them. Eventually, this got boring for her, and she attempted to find a place to satisfy her need to be in the spotlight and to do acts of unspeakable violence. The TWF and The Evil Sinistras became the perfect place for the Cereal Widow to shine in the limelight.

Personality + Battle Style

A cold-hearted and humorless widow, Itsy uses her intelligence to poke fun of her opponents. She itches to fight, and expects nothing less than a victory.

Battling Style: Being the fastest and one of the most intelligent wrestlers in the league, Itsy uses her spider like movements to run around her opponents, hit them for some damage, and trip them up with her intelligent tricks.

Signature Move: Web Itsy's signature move his her best spider-like ability, the web. She webs her opponent, making it very difficult for the opponent to move, then she pins them. It his breakable, as Hometown Huck was able to break out of it.


Opponent Outcome
Gill Win
Ouch Win
Hometown Huck Lose
Fly Guy Win
Vini Vidi Victory and Face-Off Phil Lose
Milty the Clown Win
Wasabi Lose
Gary the Intern Win
Cleat Cunningham Lose

Season 1

Itsy began her career battling the gross-out Gill, the always bruised Ouch, and Dexteras humble Hometown Huck.


Season 2

Itsy Bitsy returned to be annoyned to submission by Fly Guy. Teaming up with The Visitor, the battle it out with Vini Vidi Victory and Face-Off Phil for the Royal Thumble Championships.


Season 3

Coming back for Season 3, Milty pulled all the stops to make Itsy laugh, he sucsseed, but didn't win the match.

See: Itsy Bitsy vs Milty the Clown

Season 4

Returning for Season 4, Itsy face her Dextera counterpart and was defeated, after Unit 19G's victory, Itsy Bitsy left the Sinistras.

See: Wasabi vs Itsy Bitsy

Season 5

Coming back for Season 5, Itsy Bitsy was able to take out Gary the Intern, but was not able to take out new recuit Cleat Cunningham in the Quarterfinals.



  • In her match with Gill, Itsy is revealed that she`s had more than 27 mates.
  • The reason she rejects boys so much is most likely because she`s had an unsteady relationship in her past and didn`t want it to happen again.
  • She is the only Sinistra major who didn't help Senator Skull retake the Sinistras from Bucks Gazillion.
  • She has the lowest power out of all the majors.
  • She has the highest Agility in the TWF.