Itsy Bitsy vs Gill
TWF - Itsy Bitsy vs

TWF - Itsy Bitsy vs. Gill


Episode: 7
Match: 7
Season: 1
Winner: Itsy Bitsy (she would have won even if Gill haden't have given up)
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Round 1: Itsy bitsy lures Gill in to a trap but gill reverses out of it but escapes offscrean they hen insult eachother.

Round 2: gill hits her and knocks her down but she gets up instanly and throws her juices into his face while gill throws his intestines at her. Then it turns into a gross competion from living in a toilet bowl to cleaning ears with their own toung to eating 27 of their own mates.

Round 3: gill then sends out his grossest thing at bitsy he could thing of which sadly for him his bubbles. She then hits gill with a spider web and knocks him down and makes him submit as long as he got his intestines back.