James Montgomery Flag
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James Montgomery Flag

Name: James Montgomery Flag
Additional Info: He Wants You!
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W1-L1
Appearance: Seasons 1, 2, and 4
Portrayal: Sean Schemmel

James Montgomery Flag is the Dexteras patriotic wrestler.

Background Info

James is the son of former TWF champion The Stash, which made him choose the side of good. Having the follow in his footsteps, James has alot to prove to the Sinistras and dominate just like his dad. He laughs in the face of danger.

Personality + Battling Style


James' personality is quite confident plus a never back down attitude.

Battling Style

James style of battling is with brute force, like many of wrestlers, after training with his father, he has the ability to endure pain, which helped in his match with Big Bad Billy Goatetsky.


Opponent Outcome
Senator Skull Lose Big Bad Billy Goatetsky Win

Season 1

James started his career battling the Sinistra leader, but was taking out early, which made his dad fight for him, but had no luck.

See: Senator Skull vs James Montgomery Flag

Season 2

James joined the Royal Thumble to even the fight, knocking down The Visitor, but taken out by The Scorchion.

See: Vini Vidi Victory and Face-Off Phil vs Itsy Bitsy and The Visitor

Season 4

James returned to continue the Dextera winning by beatin the cranky Big Bad Billy Goatetsky.

See: James Montgomery Flag vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky


  • James is one of the wrestlers who's mask is design is based on a flag, the other is Face-Off Phil