Knockout Ninja
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Name: Knockout Ninja
Additional Info: Martial Arts Master
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W1-L2
Seasons Seasons 3-5

Knockout Ninja is a Mighty Dextera Thumb Wrestler, making his first appearance in Season 3.


Before becoming a wrestler, Knockout Ninja spent a life studying ninjitsu. After becoming skilled in his profession, Ninja took his skills to the ring.

Personality and Battling Style

Knockout Ninja is a bit shady, and he is always spitting out non-sense haikus.

Battling Style

As a ninja, Knockout Ninja relies entirely on stealth and speed. He may not be strong, Ninja's speed is his biggest strength. He can disappear and reappear, inflicting critical hits to the enemy. He is realy the mortal enemy of Captain Carpal.


Opponent Outcome
Captain Carpal Lose
Mugsy Thumbscrew Lose
N Fuego Win

Season 3

Knockout Ninja's career began against the classical internet meme of pirates vs ninja, but it looks like pirates prevail this round.

See: Captain Carpal vs Knockout Ninja

Season 4

Coming back for Season 4. Knockout Ninja battles it out against Mugsy, but falls when Bucks intervenes with the match.

See: Mugsy Thumbscrew vs Knockout Ninja

Season 5

Returning for a fifth season. Knockout Ninja was able to conquer N Fuego in his element thanks to the help of Knockout Ninja's sensei.

See: Knockout Ninja vs N Fuego


  • He has the lowest overall stamina of every Dextera.
  • He does have the 2nd highest agility in the TWF. This is rather strange since Knockout Ninja is shown moving much faster then Itsy Bitsy & The Amoeba.
  • Like The Visitor, Knockout Ninja has the ability to disappear and reappear at any moment.