Mahi Mahi Mindy

Mahi Mahi Mindy

Name: Mahi Mahi Mindy
Additional Info: Enthusiastic Environmentalist
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W1, L0
Appearance: Season 2
Portrayed by: Zoe Martin

Impossibly dedicated and invariably outspoken, Mahi Mahi Mindy's on a marine-life conservation mission that makes her one of the most passionate Dexteras. With the power of the ocean's bounty behind her, Mindy will make the Sinistras feel like fish out of water! When she was against Rolf the Reaper,she used the ability to summon fish, but it didn't work because fish can't breathe on land. However, Pinky gave her Rolf the Reaper's journal and she read it and rolf started crying and Mindy won the match. She is portrayed by Zoe Martin. She may be in love with Gill.

Her special is the sonar, and the Mahi Mahi Masher.


Matches Participated In
Match Win Lose
Rolf the Reaper Yes No


Mahi Mahi Mindy started her career in Season 2 against depressed Rolf the Reaper. Mindy was in trouble at first as Rolf insulted manatees and survived her fishy army because fish can't breathe out of water. Things looked bleak for Mindy, but Pinky handed the sea princess Rolf's diary that said he likes bunnies. Rolf the Reaper got embarrassed and started crying, allowing Mindy to win the match with her Mahi Mahi Masher. In the Royal Thumble she battled Billy Batboy who KOed her with his bat Leatherwing. But Mindy had already tried to summon a whale which was a bit slow, but it eventually landed on the bat-obsessed boy, knocking him out as well.


  • Mahi Mahi Mindy is the first minor to win a match.
  • She is the first to lose to Billy Batboy, though it was really a street fight tie.
  • controls all creatures of the sea
  • She has four eyes (blind in the top two)