Milty the Clown


Name: Milty the Clown
Additional Info: World Renowned Tomfoolerist
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W0, L3
Appearance: Seasons 3 and 5

Miltys Stats and Pictures

You don't want to underestimate Milty the Clown. He takes comedy very seriously and considers laughter the strongest weapon! This addition to the Dexteras is full of jokes but his skills in the ring are no laughing matter! However, he isn't too bright, and usualy doesn't take wrestling sereously.
Opponent Result
Itsy Bitsy Lose
Queen Nefercreepy Lose
The Big Time Lose


  • Milty is the first wrestler to lose a match and fight another match later in the same season.
  • How he got into the quarter finals is still a mystery. He must have been given a second chance.
  • Vini Vidi Victory! made a sideline appearence in Milty's match with Itsy Bitsy, laughing at the clowns antics & praising them at the same time.