Miss Fitwell

Miss Fitwell

Name: Miss Fitwell
Additional Info: Former Gym Teacher
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Seasons appeared in: Seasons 3-4
Record : 1W-1L
Portrayed by: Zoe Martin

Miss Fitwell is a health and fitness nut Mighty Dextera Thumb Wrestler, making her first appearance in Season 3.


Before fighting for the Dexteras, Miss Fitwell was a school teacher in the physical education department. Eventually she retired to take her skills in fitness to the ring and beat slackers (The Sinistras) and whip them into shape.

Personality and Battling Style

Miss Fitwell is extremely bossy and discipline, but for a good intentions to make people athletic. She is also gives a high care in health and hygiene.

Battling Style

Miss Fitwell uses a combination of hard hits and exercises on her opponents. If she finds something "unfit", she'll correct it, such as brushing Captain Carpal's teeth, or forcing Sick Vick to run laps.


Opponent Outcome
Sick Vick Lose
Captain Carpal Win

Season 3 Miss Fitwell started her career in Season 3, going up against that snotty scoundrel, Sick Vick. She was winning in the first two rounds,but when Vick coughed up his lungs on her and sneezed himself inside out,she became too disgusted to fight and Vick took the win for the Sinistras.

Season 4

Returning in Season 4, Miss Fitwell went up against the scourge of the seven seas,Captain Carpal. Fitwell came out strong with several big hits and a lesson in oral hygiene. Carpal hit back, fooling Miss Fitwell into lowering her guard with an apple and tricking her into thinking there was a cutter in the line. Fitwell came-back, and trapped Carpal's trusted bird polly in a cage, and Carpal was crushed in an attempt to save him.


  • She has 3 eyes like Evil Ira. But the middle one is a fake
  • In her first match locker room video, it's proven that she took so many vitamins that there isn't a germ alive that can touch her.
  • Miss Fitwell has the highest stamina point in TWF.
  • She is in love with Sir Serpent.
  • She comminly believes that TWF is one of her classes.