Mugsy Thumbscrew
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Mugsy Thumbscrew

Name: Mugsy Thumbscrew
Additional Info: The Sinistras' Master Mobster
Afflation: Evil Sinistras/ Gangster
Record 2W-3L
Appearance: Seasons 3-5
Portrayal: Sean Schemmel

Mugsy Thumbscrew is the Sinistras' mobster wrestler.

Background Info

On his eighth birthday, Mugsy wanted to learn how to thumb wrestle. His father asked his mobster cronies to teach him to punch. However, he had already been watching TWF every night, and honed his skills in training. When he became old enough, Mugsy's father signed him up as an Evil Sinistra

Personality + Battling Style

Mugsy is the "if you don't do what I say, you'll get whacked" kind of person, he talk in an Al Capone fashion, but with a higher pitch.

Battling Style

Mugsy's battling style is mainly like other wrestlers, he would have a group a thugs on his side in each of his matches, and would make them do most of the fighting for him.


Opponent Outcome
Gill Lose
Knockout Ninja Win
Danny Kaboom Lose
Unit 19G Win
Hometown Huck Lose

Season 3

Mugsy kicked-off his career facing the dirty Dextera swamp monster Gill.

See: Gill vs Mugsy Thumbscrew

Season 4

Returning for Season 4, Mugsy faced off in matches against the stealthy Dextera Knockout Ninja, and demolition expert Danny Kaboom. See:

Season 5

Mugsy Thumbscrew managed to pull of a win for the Sinistras in his battle with Unit 19G, but not against the good natured wrestler Hometown Huk.



  • Mugsy's mask in Season 4 has changed a bit.
  • Mugsy seems to be very close the Bucks Gazillion.
  • His mask resembles a top hat