N Fuego
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N Fuego

Name: N Fuego
Additional Info: Nicknamed "Lance Romance"
Afflation: Evil Sinistras
Record: 4W-3L
Seasons appeared in: Season 1-5
Portrayal: Javier Jimenez

N Fuego is a dancing, pyro-fanatic Evil Sinistra Thumb Wrestler.


As a young thumb, N Fuego had several passions that made him stand out from ordinary kids. He could dance like none other. He was the best dancer in the neighborhood. He loved fire, which was created by the intense friction caused by his dancing. He also loved fighting. He was talented at fighting, and fought just for show and fame. These passions of his lead to the awkward ruin of his highschool prom. First he beat up all the dancers, arrogantly showing off. Then, the intense friction from his dancing caused a fire to break out, burning down the building. Eventually, he left highschool, and took a small career as a dance instructor. He then found the TWF, and, with a apparent knack for property damage and some arrogance in him, joined the Evil Sinistras, giving them one of the trickiest wrestlers to fight for a win.

Personality & Battling Style


N Fuego is arrogant. "No one is greater than N Fuego" is his attitude. He also is skilled in temptation (Ex:He tempted Mr. Extremo to do a stunt in order for Mr. Extremo to lose the match). He does have a warm heart for the fans, toying with them before a fight with some fire pun. Strangely, he stresses fire safety. He also has soft spot for romance, like when he cries when he watched Soap Operas. Strangely Enough, He's not very Evil for Sinistras, but still arrogant and tricky. He is also a romantic person, proven in some TWF side videos he was watching a soap opera with Senator Skull. He is also into samba music. Which shows in his match with Knockout Ninja.

Battling Style N Fuego's passions are seered into his battling style. He can dance around his opponents attacks with ease, and then inflict massive damage with fire enhanced dance moves. He is one of the most agile wrestlers in the league, matching Hometown Huck.

Signature Move: The Forbidden Dance N Fuego's signature move combines all of his passions into one super-move. N Fuego begins to dance, which causes the temperature in the ring to sharply increase to levels said to be as hot as mercury. This either causes the opponent to faint, or N Fuego to inflict some damage.


Opponent Outcome
Unit 19G Win
Pei Pei the Purple Panda Win
Evil Ira Lose
Danny Kaboom Win
Face-Off Phil Win
Mr. Extremo Lose
Knockout Ninja Lose

Season 1

N Fuego began his firey career battling out against the mechanical thumb Unit 19G. Finding romance with the lovely Pei Pei the Purple Panda, but was knocked hard by the cunning Evil Ira.


Season 2

N Fuego returned to battle it out against explosive Dextera dynamo Danny Kaboom.

See: N Fuego vs Danny Kaboom

Season 4

Entering Thumb Summer in Season 4, N Fuego dukes it with Face-Off Phil, where Phil falters when Bucks turns up the heat. N Fuego semi-final match ends when Mr. Extremo is set free after some bumbling Sinistras.


Season 5

Making an appearance in Season 5. N Fuego is defeated by Knockout Ninja after he finds the rhythm in N Fuego latin beats.

See: Knockout Ninja vs N Fuego


  • It's shown in Wasabi's Bio he is in a same school/college with Wasabi.
  • He is possibly the less evil of the Sinistras' Majors.
  • He is the first Sinistra to be defeated by Knockout Ninja.

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N Fuego

N Fuego VS. Danny Kaboom

N Fuego fighting Danny Kaboom

Evil Ira vs. N Fuego

N Fuego fighting Evil Ira