N Fuego vs Unit 19G
N Fuego vs The Robot
Episode: 2
Match: 2
Season: 1
Winner: N Fuego
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N Fuego vs Unit 19G is the second episode of Thumb Wrestling Federation and is the second match of Season 1

Short Summary Edit

It's a dance-off between the samba prone N Fuego and the Dexteras' own robot, Unit 19G, who can only do The Robot.

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Pregame:Dick Thopson greets the fans with a "good evening", but Colonel Cossack states that it's not such a good evening, and he did not miss any of them. Dick quickly rebukes Colonel and apologizes for his rude behavior and says he didn't mean because he's just a little grumpy. Colonel Cossack adds on, saying that he is hungry, tired, and concerned about global warming. Dick Thompson says that it was funny the Colonel mentioned it, because things are about to heat up. N Fuego is introduced, giving a brief lecture that fire is not a toy. Unit 19G is introduced, with a quick gag showing that he is unable to recognize love. The match begins with the announcement that Round One will be a dance competition (much to the excitement of Colonel Cossack).

Round One: N Fuego starts off the dance competition with a funky chicken that reminds Colonel Cossack of his senior prom. Unit 19G performs The Robot, with high compliments from Dick Thompson. N Fuego does the moon walk. Unit 19G again performs the robot to counter N Fuego. N Fuego finishes off with the N Fuego Sinistra Sambra, But Unit 19G continues to do the robot.
N Fuego Sinistra Samba
The round ends with N Fuego on top of Unit 19G despite the thumborg's impressive performance of the robot.

Post Round One: Dick Thompson states that Unit 19G is barely holding his own against N Fuego. The Colonel butts in saying that he is still sitting at the desk with no one bringing him a sandwich.

Round Two:
N Fuego Attacks
N Fuego goes on the attack, repeatedly attacking Unit 19G attempting to make the robot "feel the burn". Unit 19G responds saying that his body can withstand heat up to 5000 degrees centigrade, which Dick points out that is over 9,031 degrees fahrenheit. N Fuego, frustrated that Unit 19G will not respond to his hits, tries to tempt the robot to respond asking him to pin him. Unit 19G responds, saying that his programming prevents himself from harming anyone. N Fuego demands Unit 19G to fight like a man. Unit 19G warns that it has become to hot, and prepares for emergency cooling. N Fuego is then sprayed with water, ending the round.
Emergency Cooling

Post Round Two: Dick Thompson states that N Fuego could use a lesson in robotics, but Colonel interrupts, asking who would teach N Fuego, and then stating that he needs a nap.

Round Three: N Fuego asks Unit 19G to hit him, but Unit 19G responds saying that there is an error. N Fuego asks if the thumborg is being serious, which it responds saying that he is a robot and therefore is always serious. N Fuego calls out for Cheeko Rojo,
Cheeko with a chair
who grabs a chair (witch Pinky exclaims that he has one). N Fuego breaks from combat to go sit in the corner innocently. Dick Thompson begins asking what kind of scheme N Fuego is planning when Cheeko tosses a chair at Unit 19G, who falls to the ground. N Fuego quickly runs up to pin down Unit 19G and wins the match.
N Fuego Wins
Post Round Three: Dick Thompson states that this is another tainted victory for the Sinistras. Colonel begins cheering. Confused, Dick Thompson asks Colonel whether he was furious over the Sinistras cheating to win the match. The Colonel responds, saying that we was excited because he found a lolipop, and the episode ends.
Colonel Cossack with a lolipop

Notes Edit

  • This episode marks the first appearence of N Fuego
  • This episode marks the first appearence of Unit 19G
  • This episode marks the first use of a chair.
  • Big Star has a hidden camio appearance when N Fuego is saying "Fight like a man". Can you find him?  
    TWF - N Fuego vs

    TWF - N Fuego vs. Unit 19G