thumb|300px|rightNo Holds Barred is a song of twf created by rock in the ring youtube showed part of it.On face book it showes the other half is Hometown Huck is in a fight sometin evils goin missive.


Guitar Solo

Verse 1:

Two thumbs lock up for battle, hands on and in the ring. Stands shakin', fists will rattle, this is Thumb Wrestling!! Dexteras, on and on, will lead the force of good. Sinistras causin' harm, livin' under evil's hood!!!!!!


Thumb Wrestling Federation!!! No holds barred, TWF. Thumb Wrestling Federation!!! Fans in the stands and, lock up your hands, Let's go!

Verse 2:

Hometown Huck is in a fight so that evil Skull had missed him.The fate of all thumbs on the line, maybe the whole solar system! Vini is a fearless hero, for good thumbs right to the core. Grab your mask and join the battle. Calling out, Thumb one, Thumb all!!

Guitar Solo