Name: Ouch
Additional Info: Top Bruiser for the Dexteras
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W0, L2
Appearance: Seasons 1 and 3

Ouch is the clusmbiest thumb wrestler that gets hurt a lot. In his match with Itsy Bitsy, it is revealed, he can be a good wrestler if he doesn't feel any or much pain.

Well he never managed to catch a break, unless its his back that is breaking. His special is the Spinecrack Backbreak Surprise. It is a surprise on what happens when he uses this move, however it usually breaks his back and he can't fight. All bandaged up and ready to go, Ouch is willing to take one for the team(in fact, he can always take a woopin!).

Matches Participated In
Match Win Lose
Itsy Bitsy No Yes
The Big Time No Yes

Itsy Bitsy vs Ouch


Ouch's painful career started in Season 1 as he faced spider-like Itsy Bitsy. Itsy Bitsy was beating up Ouch until he got his head in the game and landed some hard hits on Itsy Bitsy. Ouch used the Spinecrack Backbreak Surprise, but it broke his back and he fell to the mat, allowing Itsy Bitsy to web him and pin him. Ouch appeared in Season 3 against The Big Time. The Big Time was destroying Ouch and said he could beat him in his sleep, so he fell asleep. Ouch tried to sneak away, but he tripped and Senator Skull forced him to get back in the ring. The Big Time was about to finish Ouch with the Time Bomb, but the Ref said he shouldn't bother since Ouch was already on the mat. Ouch was then pinned.


  • His eyes match The Big Time's.
  • It is said (but not yet proven) that he has 2 left feet & no guardian angel!
    • It is also rumored that he managed to beat his Sinistra equal, Billy Batboy.