Pierre Pamplemousse
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Pierre Pamplemousse

Name: Pierre Pamplemousse
Additional Info: French Food Fighter
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: 1W - 2L
Appearance: Seasons 3-5
Portrayal: Sean Schemmel

Pierre Pamplemousse is a Mighty Dextera Thumb Wrestler and chef hailing from France


Born from Paris, France, Pierre has traveled around the world, gathering new, delicious, and especially deadly recipes to add the his arsenal. Now heading to the TWF and The Dexteras, Pierre will prove himself as the master of "ze art of gourment combat!".


A snoody french chef, Pierre takes great pride in himself and dealing out justice. He is also the most prideful Dextara.

Battling Style

Power: 88
Agility: 92
Stamina: 64
Gastronomy: 100

Pierre Pamplemousse combines deadly pastries with heavy hits from his titanium hat.

Signature Move: Spatula Storm: The Spatula Storm starts out when Pierre throws several spatulas at his opponent from long range, then Pierre moves in to close range to hit his opponent, and then attempt to pin his opponent.


Pierre cooked up some justice in Season 3 defeating the insane eating machine Snagglefangs. See: Pierre Pamplemousse vs Snagglefangs

Season 4

Pierre returned in Season 4 to battle against the biggest bruiser The Big Time.

See: The Big Time vs Pierre Pamplemousse

Season 5

Pierre returned in Season 5 to battle his worst nightmare, Senator Skull

See: Senator Skull vs Pierre Pamplemousse


Pierre's last name is the french word for "grapefruit".

Opponent Outcome
Snagglefangs Win
The Big Time Lose
Senator Skull Lose