Rolf The Reaper

Rolf the Reaper

Name: Rolf The Reaper
Additional Info: Dangerously Depressed
Afflation: Evil Sinistras
Record 1W-2L
Appearance: Seasons 2, 3, and 5
Portrayal: Ben Masten

Rolf the Reaper is a German downer of a Sinistra. Only a boring rainy day can make him happy, and he brings new meaning to the word meaninglessness! But it turns out that he is not completely emotionless because during the match against Mahi Mahi Mindy, she read Rolf the Reaper's diary and it turns out he likes bunnies and is afraid to admit it. He fought in the Royal Thumble.

Matches Participated In
Match Win Lose
vs Mahi Mahi Mindy No Yes
vs Hometown Huck Yes No
vs Lucky O' Leary No Yes

Rolf's Mask


  • Power:75%
  • Agility:47%
  • Stamina:62%
  • Angst:79%


Rolf the Reaper battled Mahi Mahi Mindy in his first match. Rolf thought that Mindy's punches were meaningless and had her on the ropes. Mahi Mahi Mindy tried summoning fish, but they couldn't fight on land and Rolf was on his way to victory until Pinky gave Rolf the Reaper's diary to Mahi Mahi Mindy. The diary said he liked bunnies and wrote a poem about them. He started crying and he lost the match. In Season 4 he faced the former TWF Champion Hometown Huck.

Huck used homemade deserts to gain the upper hand and was destroying him. However, Bucks Gazillion put a vibrating matress on the ring, giving Rolf the pin and making The Stash promise the Dexteras training from him. In Season 5, he faced off with Lucky O' Leary, using his scythe to cut Lucky's clover in half. However, he lost when he did stuff that cause bad luck (i.e. running under a ladder, spilling salt, a black cat crossing his path, breaking a mirror, etc.), and got shot by lightning when he broke the mirror and got pinned by Lucky.