Scoutmaster Scott
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Scoutmaster Scott

Name: Scoutmaster Scott
Additional Info: Leader of the Evil Cookie Scouts
Afflation: Evil Sinistras
Appearance: Seasons 3-5
Record : 1W-2L
Portrayal: Sean Schemmel

Scoutmaster Scott is the evil scoutmaster of The Sinistras and leader of the Cookie Scouts.

Background Info

Not much is given of Scott's past, but is the scoutmaster of the Cookie Scouts. The Cookie Scouts are no ordinary troop, they are know for merit-less deeds like dumping trash in the highway(or in people's gardens) and starting forest fires. His scouts may not know how to make good cookies, but know every survival trick in the book and aren't afraid to use these skills in the ring.

Personality + Battling Style

Scott's personality is much of a loud mouth, similar to that of a military sergeant. Like Mugsy Thumbscrew, he has his own line of henchmen, The Cookie Scouts.

Merit Badges:

Battling Style

Scott's battling style is like any other TWF wrestler, full on force, but also has his scouts on the sidelines helping him out when things get bad.


Opponent Outcome
Pei Pei the Purple Panda Lose
Face-Off Phil Lose
Tom Cat Win

Season 3

Scoutmaster Scott's career started with a duel against Pei Pei the Purple Panda to claim the crown of Porpoisestan, but came up short in the battle.

See: Pei Pei the Purple Panda vs Scoutmaster Scott

Season 4

Scott's Season 4 appearance almost claimed him the victory against Canadian hockey player Face-Off Phil, but wasn't lucky this season.

See: Face-Off Phil vs Scoutmaster Scott

Season 5

In the kick-off of Season 5, Scoutmaster Scott was finally able to take the win against The Dexteras' feline competitor Tom Cat.

See: Scoutmaster Scott vs Tom Cat


  • Scott's Cookie Scouts are known for their bad tasting cookies, which Colonel Cossack compared to that of his horse Trashcan's cookies.
  • His Cookie Scouts seem similar to Mugsy Thumbscrew's lackeys.
  • The front of his mask represents the Weblos logo (highest affilation of Cub Scouts)