Season 1 TWF Champion


Runner Up

Season 1 is the very first time TWF was shown. Season 1 is probably the most understandable season where the matchs are organized and the most famous wrestlers are shown and all the season 1 wrestlers fight and the Sinistras and Dexteras were created.This season is the only one with thumber summer. Final match was Hometown Huck vs The Big Time. The Big Time used the Time Bomb on Hometown Huck, but Hometown Huck survived it and used the Hometown Shuffle to beat The Big Time. However, he ran out of energy and both wrestlers hit the mat. Pinky, however, Proved his loyalty to Hometown Huck and the Dexteras, and pushed Huck ontop of The Big Time, giving Huck the pin, and saving the TWF for the while.

People joined:

Match Winner Loser
Vini Vidi Victory! vs Flashback Vini Vidi Victory! Flashback
N Fuego vs Unit 19G N Fuego Unit 19g
Wasabi vs Corbata Corbata Wasabi
Senator Skull vs Gary the Intern Senator Skull Gary the Intern
Hometown Huck vs The Scorchion Hometown Huck The Scorchion
Hometown Huck vs Sir Serpent Hometown Huck Sir Serpent
Itsy Bitsy vs Gill Itsy Bitsy Gill
Itsy Bitsy vs Ouch Itsy Bitsy Ouch
Evil Ira vs The Amoeba Evil Ira The Amoeba
Evil Ira vs The Lost Viking Evil Ira The Lost Viking
The Big Time vs Dorsal Flynn The Big Time Dorsal Flynn
The Big Time vs Tom Cat The Big Time Tom Cat
Vini Vidi Victory! vs The Visitor Vini Vidi Victory! The Visitor
Wasabi vs Billy Batboy Wasabi Billy Batboy
N Fuego vs Pei Pei the Purple Panda N Fuego Pei Pei the Purple Panda
Senator Skull vs James Montgomery Flag Senator Skull James Montgomery Flag
The Big Time vs Vini Vidi Victory! The Big Time Vini Vidi Victory!
Hometown Huck vs Itsy Bitsy Hometown Huck Itsy Bitsy
Wasabi vs Senator Skull Wasabi Senator Skull
Evil Ira vs N Fuego Evil Ira N Fuego
Hometown Huck vs Evil Ira Hometown Huck Evil Ira
The Big Time vs Wasabi The Big Time Wasabi
Hometown Huck vs The Big Time Hometown Huck The Big Time