Season 2 Champion


Season 2 Runner Up

Season 2 is the second season in TWF. The final match was Mr. Extremo vs Senator Skull.

Short Summary

(Note: This summary was taken from the back of the Season 2 dvd's box) Fresh off Hometown Huck's championship win, the Mighty Dexteras seek to defend their title with the help of some newcomers like the gritty Face-Off Phil and the fearless Mr. Extremo. The Evil Sinistras, still stinging from The Big Time's championship loss, have also added to their team's lineup, and this season, Senator Skull is determined to win a TWF title - even if it means breaking a few rules along the way.

People Joined:

Match Winner Loser
Mr. Extremo vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky Mr. Extremo Big Bad Billy Goatetsky
Mahi Mahi Mindy vs Rolf the Reaper Mahi Mahi Mindy Rolf the Reaper
Itsy Bitsy vs Fly Guy Itsy Bitsy Fly Guy
Evil Ira vs Big Star Evil Ira Big Star
N Fuego vs Danny Kaboom N Fuego Danny Kaboom
Face-Off Phil vs The Cheetah Face-Off Phil The Cheetah
Wasabi vs Dwayne Bramage Wasabi Dwayne Bramage
Vini Vidi Victory! vs Captain Carpal Vini Vidi Victory! Captain Carpal
The Royal Thumble Vini Vidi Victory and Face-Off Phil Itsy Bitsy and The Visitor
Mr. Extremo vs The Big Time Mr. Extremo The Big Time
Senator Skull vs Hometown Huck Senator Skull Hometown Huck
Mr. Extremo vs Senator Skull Mr. Extremo Senator Skull