Champion Of Season 3


Runner-Up Of Season 3

After losing the TWF Championship last season, Senator Skull is more determined than ever in his quest for world domination. With the addition of millionaire mogul Bucks Gazillion and the criminally-inclined Mugsy Thumbscrew, the Sinistras show that they still have no problem bending the rules to win. The Dexteras hit back with their own recruits, including the martial arts master Knockout Ninja and the powerful Pierre Pamplemousse. With new wrestlers on both sides of the fight, this season is action-packed. In the TWF championship the match was between Face-Off Phil and Bucks Gazillion. Bucks Gazillion sent his men to steal the TWF trophy which made all the Dexteras go after them. While that was happening Bucks Gazillion sent some Sinistras to pound Face-Off Phil until he was to beaten up to fight back and the Sinistras won their first championship. However, instead of continuing with the plans to take over the world, Bucks Gazillion decided to make TWF part of Gazillion Inc.

See: Season 1, Season 2, and Season 4

People joined:

Match Win Dextera Versus Sinistra Win
#1 No Wasabi vs Bucks Gazillion Yes
#2 Yes Pierre Pamplemousse vs Snagglefangs No
#3 No Gogachog vs The Lost Viking Yes
#4 No Knockout Ninja vs Captain Carpal Yes
#5 Yes Weredog vs The Visitor No
#6 No Danny Kaboom vs Queen Nefercreepy Yes
#7 Yes Pei Pei the Purple Panda vs Scoutmaster Scott No
#8 No Miss Fitwell vs Sick Vick Yes
#9 No Milty the Clown vs Itsy Bitsy Yes
#10 Yes Gill vs Mugsy Thumbscrew No
#11 No Ouch vs The Big Time Yes
#12 Yes Hometown Huck vs Billy Batboy No
Quarterfinal Yes Mr. Extremo vs The Big Time No
Quarterfinal Yes Face-Off Phil vs Senator Skull No
Quarterfinal No Hometown Huck vs Bucks Gazillion Yes
Quarterfinal No Milty the Clown vs Queen Nefercreepy Yes
Semifinal Yes Face-Off Phil vs Queen Nefercreepy No
Semifinal No Mr Extremo vs Bucks Gazillion Yes
Final No Face-Off Phil vs Bucks Gazillion Yes