Season 4 Champion

Series 4 is the 4th Season of Thumb Wrestling Federation released in 2009. The Champion was Mr. Extremo and the runner up was The Visitor.

Short Summary

With the TWF firmly in Gazillion Inc.'s hand, and with free rain control over The Slimy Sinistras, Bucks Gazillion looks to go 2 for 2 this year, totally by dishonesty. Can the Dexteras pull a trick out of their hat? Or will the Sinistras be too much to handle?

Wrestlers appearing in the Season

Dexteras *in order of appearance*

Mr. Extremo


Season 4 Runner Up

Ms. Fitwell

Knockout Ninja

Hometown Huck

The Stash*

Face-Off Phil


Danny Kaboom

Pierre Pamplemousse


Unit 19G

James Montgomery Flag

1* The Stash does not wrestle, but he appears to train the Dexteras to combat the sinistras after Hometown Huck loses

Sinistras *in order of appearance*

The Lost Viking

Bucks Gazillion*

Sick Vick

Captain Carpal

Mugsy Thumbscrew

Rolf the Reaper

Scoutmaster Scott

Queen Nefercreepy

Evil Ira

The Big Time

Itsy Bitsy


Big Bad Billy Goatetsky

N Fuego

The Visitor

1* Does not wrestle, Interferes in many matches to help sinistras win.



Match Winner Loser
The Lost Viking vs Mr. Extremo The Lost Viking Mr. Extremo
Sick Vick vs Weredog Sick Vick Weredog
Miss Fitwell vs Captain Carpal Miss Fitwell Captain Carpal
Mugsy Thumbscrew vs Knockout Ninja Mugsy Thumbscrew Knockout Ninja
Rolf the Reaper vs Hometown Huck Rolf the Reaper Hometown Huck
Face-Off Phil vs Scoutmaster Scott Face-Off Phil Scoutmaster Scott
Queen Nefercreepy vs Gogachog Queen Nefercreepy Gogachog
Danny Kaboom vs Evil Ira Danny Kaboom Evil Ira
The Big Time vs Pierre Pamplemousse The Big Time Pierre Pamplemousse
Wasabi vs Itsy Bitsy Wasabi Itsy Bitsy
Unit 19G vs Corbata Unit 19G Corbata
James Montgomery Flag vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky James Montgomery Flag Big Bad Billy Goatetsky
The Visitor vs Hometown Huck The Visitor Hometown Huck
Mr. Extremo vs Queen Nefercreepy Mr. Extremo Queen Nefercreepy
Danny Kaboom vs Mugsy Thumbscrew Danny Kaboom Mugsy Thumbscrew
N Fuego vs Face-Off Phil N Fuego Face-Off Phil
The Visitor vs Danny Kaboom The Visitor Danny Kaboom
Mr. Extremo vs N Fuego Mr. Extremo N Fuego
Mr. Extremo vs The Visitor Mr. Extremo The Visitor