Series 5 is the 5th Season of TWF that was released in 2010-2011 (last episode was released in 2011). Not much is known about it except that Bucks no longer has control over TWF and Senator Skull has become the leader of the Sinistras again. There are also new Wrestlers named: Cleat Cunningham(DEX) ,Lucky O'Leary (DEX) ,Dave Munsey(DEX) and The Black Knight(SIN). Season 5 was very exiting and it all ended up with the rookie, Cleat Cunningham, comming out on top after beating The Big Time and bringing home the championship for the mighty Dexteras!

Wrestlers appearing in this Season





Match Winner Loser
Scoutmaster Scott vs Tom Cat Scoutmaster Scott Tom Cat
Lucky O' Leary vs Rolf the Reaper Lucky O' Leary Rolf the Reaper
Mr. Extremo vs The Scorchion Mr. Extremo The Scorchion
Itsy Bitsy vs Gary the Intern Itsy Bitsy Gary the Intern
Knockout Ninja vs N Fuego Knockout Ninja N Fuego
The Visitor vs Gogachog The Visitor Gogachog
Senator Skull vs Pierre Pamplemousse Senator Skull Pierre Pamplemousse
Hometown Huck vs The Cheetah Hometown Huck The Cheetah
The Big Time vs Milty the Clown The Big Time Milty the Clown
Cleat Cunningham vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky Cleat Cunningham Big Bad Billy Goatetsky
Mugsy Thumbscrew vs Unit 19G Mugsy Thumbscrew Unit 19G
Danny Kaboom vs The Black Knight Danny Kaboom The Black Knight
Cleat Cunningham vs Itsy Bitsy Cleat Cunningham Itsy Bitsy
The Big Time vs Danny Kaboom The Big Time Danny Kaboom
Hometown Huck vs Mugsy Thumbscrew Hometown Huck Mugsy Thumbscrew
Senator Skull vs Mr. Extremo Senator Skull Mr. Extremo
The Big Time vs Hometown Huck The Big Time Hometown Huck
Cleat Cunningham vs Senator Skull Cleat Cunningham Senator Skull
Cleat Cunningham vs The Big Time* Cleat Cunningham The Big Time