Senator Skull vs Gary the Intern
Senator Skull vs Gary the Intern
Episode: 4
Match: 4
Season: 1
Winner: Senator Skull
Loser: Gary the Intern
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Previous: Wasabi vs Corbata

Senator Skull vs Gary the Intern is the fourth episode of Thumb Wrestling Federation and the fourth match of Season 1.

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No one can believe how evil Senator Skull is when he uses the Sinistra Scissor Choke not once but twice on the Australian stylist, Gary the Intern.

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Pregame: Dick welcomes the fans, and then notices Colonel Cossack banging his head on the table, perceiving him to be itching for a fight. The Colonel follows up, saying he is itching because he has ants in his pants. Dick begins to ask Colonel how he has ants in his pants, and Colonel Cossack quickly interrupts, calling for a clip to be played. The clip shows Colonel attempting to crush some ants. The clip ends, with Dick a little weirded out, calling for the match to begin. Senator Skull is introduced, striking fear into the entire stadium. He predicts he will win tonight's wrestling match and take control of the world. Gary the Intern is introduce, telling the fans it looks like "Gary here is gonna give the Senator a shave and a slap." with which the audience responds that the Senator doesn't need to shave. The match then begins.

Round One: Senator Skull and Gary go at it and throw a slew of punches at each other. Gary manages to get on top of Skull and pins him, but Skull uses the reversal to break free and quickly counters, saying "it's time the barber got a taste of his own medicine and uses the deadly and illegal (as pointed out by Dick Thompson) Sinistra Scizor Choke on Gary, causing an uproar in the audience and broadcasting booth, with Colonel crying out "ILLEGAL MOVE" several times and then accusing The Ref of having no eyes, which we see that The Ref has been blindfolded. The round ends.

Post Round One: Dick Thompson states that this is an incredible match and says that he desires a cup of coffee. The Colonel makes a comment, stating that he likes his coffee strong, like his wife Mrs. Colonel Cossack (Who commands The Colonel to take her to the theater). Dick compliments Colonel's wife, saying "What a woman!". Round Two begins.

Round Two: Gary responds to Senator Skull's dirty tricks by asking him to keep it clean. Senator Skull paraphrases Gary's comment, asking whether the intern wanted to be "cleaned up" and agrees to help him get cleaned up. Senator Skull swiftly delivers another Sinistra Scizor Choke, outraging the audience, surprising Dick Thompson (who thought Sinistras weren't evil enough to use an illegal move twice in one game), and leading Colonel Cossack crying out "Where is The Ref?!". It turns out that The Ref is still blindfolded and is now taking a nap. Some of the audience express their hatred for Senator Skull. Hometown Huck expresses his hatred for skeletons. Pinky pops up with scissors and calls out to Gary, as narrated by Dick. Gary, frustrated with Senator Skull, exclaims he's going to shave the evil leader bald. Hometown Huck states that he can't bare to watch, even if Senator Skull is evil. A giant clod of hair falls on top of Vini and Huck, to witch Vini comments furiously that there's hair in his popcorn. The round ends

Post Round Two: Dick Thompson comments on Gary's uncompromising haircut as a "very spicy move". Colonel states that there is only one thing itchier than ants in your pants, which is hair pocks. Round Three Begins.

Round Three: Senator says that it's time for Gary to go out of style. Gary responds, saying that everyone is entitled to an opinion. The two wrestlers attack each other with powerful moves, until Vini Vidi Victory! and Hometown Huck taunt Senator Skull's recent haircut. Furious, Senator Skull attacks Gary with a series of hits. Dick states that Skull is setting up for The Skull's Revenge Shocker. Senator Skull delivers three deadly blows (including an electrocuting shock of lighting) to Gary the Intern, with Dick and Colonel commenting on the horrific attack. Skull slams down Gary, winning the match and concluding by sending a terrifying message to The Mighty Dexteras.

Post Round Three: Dick states that this is a crushing defeat for The Dexteras. Colonel Cossack states that his wife will crush him when she finds out about the ants and hairpocks. Dick bids the viewers fairwell and the episode ends.

Notes Edit

  • This Episode marks the first appearance of Senator Skull
  • This Episode marks the first appearance of Gary the Intern
  • This episode is the only match in Season 1 where Senator Skull uses his trademark move, The Skull's Revenge Shocker.