Name: Sir Serpent
Additional Info: Wrestling for the Queen of England
Affilation: Evil Sinistra major
Record: 0W-1L
Seasons: Season 1 and 4

Sir Serpent is the most well-mannered wrestler.


Sir Serpent has been both knighted by the king and dated by the queen. For an unknown reason he was banned from the British army. So he joined TWF and joined the Sinistras.

Personality+Battling Style

Sir Serpent is very well-mannered and lets the opponent attack first. Despite his mannners, he always cheats.

Battling Style:

Sir Serpent likes to cheat, despite his manners. He always does his Serpent Sneak attack and other illigal moves.

Signature Move: Serpent Sneak Attack This move is considered illegal. He uses his fingers to keep the opponent down and lands hits.


Season 1

Sir Serpent met his well-mannered match when he faced the wholesome Hometown Huck. But Sir Serpent lost.

See: Hometown Huck vs Sir Serpent

Season 4

Sir Serpent made a cameo in Wasabi vs Itsy Bitsy.