"Right on Boss"
―Steve talking to Bucks Gazillion[src]
Thumb Wrestling Federation Bucks Gazillion vs Wasabi

Thumb Wrestling Federation Bucks Gazillion vs Wasabi


Steves Stats and Picture

Steve is Bucks Gazillion's stunt double and closest assistant, He is also a Henchmen he wears a mask that looks somewhat like bucks gazillion's mask but doesn't wear the same mask as him. He however wears the same mask as him sometimes like the beganning of a match when he was used once on Wasabi to fight her instead of Bucks Gazillion.Steve helped Bucks Gazillion with the Bought Out move. He is portrayed by Marc Thompson. He isn't a wrestler.


  • He is Cheeko Rojo counterpart for these reasons:
  • 1.They cheat for their team(Sinistras)
  • 2.They both are more like henchmen than wrestlers (until Cheeko westled)
  • 3.They both work for 1 man but different: Cheeko Rojo(Senator Skull),Steve(Bucks Gazillion)
  • Steve is the only non-wrestler that wears a mask