The Big Time
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The Big Time

Name: The Big Time
Additional Info: So Big, So Bad!
Afflation: Evil Sinistra
Record: 9W-4L
Seasons appeared in: Seasons 1-5
Portrayal Keith Dawkins/David Wills

The Big Time was one of the Sinistras' strongest wrestler and was the runner up in Season 1. He retires in Season 4 after unnecessary intervention in his match with Pierre Pamplemousse, but returns when he helps Senator Skull re-take the Sinistras.


Even as a young thumb, The Big Time was very big, and very powerful.He was the big man on the block, on campus, and in the whole neighborhood. He was feared, yet respected by all. Some times, The Big Time had to threaten people because he was so respected in order to get what he wanted. Eventually, The Big Time grew too big to fit in the neighborhood (hypothetically speaking), and he had to move on to bigger and better places. He eventually found the TWF. After bullying his way to a favorable contract where he got 15% of the gate, The Sinistras gained one the most powerful and feared wrestlers in all the history of the TWF.

Personality + Battling Style


As a bully, The Big Time respects no one but himself. He hurls any insult at those who he pleases. He's has little fear and thinks of himself as the king of the TWF. He is not afraid to stand up to anyone. Despite his rough and Tough guy attitude, He still at least have a honor/pride on him even as a Sinistra, as he never cheats in his battle He is able to work the crowd, and is a fan favorite.

Battling Style

The Big Time's battling strategy is very simple, but very effective. He strikes fear into his opponent, or insults them. He backs up his harsh words with Heavy hits.

Signature Move: The Time Bomb: The Time Bomb is The Big Time's 1HKO Signature Move. He asks the audience what time is it. The audience responds "It's time for the Time Bomb" The audience counts down from 5 to 2 while the Big Time winds up. The Big Time then body slams his opponent with so much force, that it causes an explosion,causing alarms to go off. It's so destructive that it can bring down almost any opponent


Opponent Outcome
Dorsal Flynn Win
Tom Cat Win
Vini Vidi Victory! Win
Wasabi Win
Hometown Huck Lose
Mr. Extremo Lose
Ouch Win
Mr. Extremo* Lose
Pierre Pamplemousse Win
Milty the Clown Win
Danny Kaboom Win
Hometown Huck* Win
  • 1* Denotes that this Wrestler had a rematch with the opposing wrestler.

Season 1

The Big Time seemed nearly indestructible in his first appearance in Season 1, and almost took home the championship


Season 2

The Big Time tried to make a big comeback in Season 2, only to run into an extreme problem.


Season 3

The Big Time had a no contest match against Ouch, and made a brief playoff appearance in a fierce rematch with Mr. Extremo.


Season 4

The Big Time served Bucks Gazillion briefly, but left when he decided he couldn't take any orders from Bucks anymore after The Time Bomb had been interupted


Season 5

The Big Time made a big reappearance in Season 5 and floored Milty the Clown, Danny Kaboom, and Hometown Huck on his way to a failed Championship.



  • The Big Time's design of his mask resembles a clock.
  • Often before a match, The Big Time will ask the audience 3 questions: How big am I? What time is it? And what time is it about to be? Usually afterwords he insults the audience.
  • The Big Time is shown care much about The Time Bomb, because when he was using it against Pierre Pamplemousse, he was annoyed that Bucks Gazillion helped the The Big Time when he didn't need it.
  • The Big Time usally talks in third person point of view(includes himself in a sentence)
  • Mr. Extremo is the only enemy that The Big Time never intended to use The Time Bomb on. (In his match against Ouch and Pierre, he intended, but cancel it)
  • The Big Time has only lose the match fully against Mr Extremo(rematch) in his match against Huck, Pinky helped Huck win, in his match against Extremo for the first time, Skull throws a chair on Him.