The Black Knight
New Wrestlers

The Black Knight(center)

Name: The Black Knight
Additional Info:
Afflation: Evil Sinistras
Record: W0, 1L
Seasons: Seasons 5

The Black Knight is the Sinistras' newest recruit who makes his debut in Season 5.

Background Info

The Black Knight hails from medeival Britain. He was skilled warrior in the battlefield. He mastered archery, where he can nail anything off of somebody's head, but The Black Knight found himself battling for show in his new modern day society. When he got in a riot with the customers, it costed him his job. He was cast off, and found the TWF, where he now wrestles for the Sinistras.

Personality + Battling Style


The Black Knight's personality is much of any medieval knight.

Battling Style

The Black Knight combine brute force with his skills in archery, plus his signature mace which he carries with him.


Opponent Outcome
Danny Kaboom Lose

Season 5

The Black Knight began his career being destroyed by demolition expert Danny Kaboom.

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