The Cheetah

the Cheetah

Name: The Cheetah
Additional Info: Sneakiest of Sinistras
Afflation: Evil Sinistras
Record: W0, L2
Appearance: Seasons 2 and 5

The Cheetahs Stats and Picture

This corrupt kitten would rather cheat than fight fair all her moves are illegal! Even the Sinistras know that nothing The Cheetah says can be trusted. Her strategy is to take the ref out first. she got quick reflexes and tricks up her sleeve, pocket, pants, etc... She will try anyway to win as possible cheating is the only way to win. From hitting to behind, creating traps, and making fun of people she is the biggest cheater in the Sinistras. She has a soft spot for James Montgomery Flag.


Born to an unsuspecting family in upstate New York, The Cheetah had little interest in playing fair as a child. At the park, she often liked to make people trip over. At school, she copied off people`s tests. When they were going to tell on her, she dropped bricks and an anvil on them. After graduating from school, she found the TWF and signed up for the only group she could find that would let her cheat, the Evil Sinistras, giving them the sneakiest, trickiest wrestler in the league. .

Opponent Outcome
Face-Off Phil Lose
Hometown Huck Lose


Season 2

The Cheetah faced the good sportsman Face-Off Phil, and lost when she insulted Phil's accent.

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Season 5

The Cheetah almost managed to take away Hometown Huck's fans, but The Ref foiled her plot.

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