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The Dextera symbol

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The Dexteras fans


Hometown Huck

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Evil Ira, origianaly a Dextera major, but switched to the Sinistras

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Vini Vidi Victory, leader of the Dexteras

The Dexteras are the protagonists of TWF. The name Dexteras is short for the name The Mighty Dexteras. The majors of the Dexteras are the following from the leader down to the lowest in command. In Season 1-Season 3 it's: Vini Vidi Victory, Hometown Huck, Wasabi, Mr. Extremo, Face-Off Phil, Cleat Cunningham and possibly Danny Kaboom.

Major Wrestlers

Vini Vidi Victory

Vini Vidi Victory is the leader of the Mighty Dexteras.

See: Vini Vidi Victory

Hometown Huck

Hometown Huck is 2nd in command for the Mighty Dexteras, and Season 1's Champion

See: Hometown Huck


Wasabi is the 3rd in command, and the best girl on the Dexteras.

See: Wasabi

Mr. Extremo

Mr. Extremo is arguably the best wrestler on the Dexteras, as he is the only two-time champion in the TWF.

See: Mr. Extremo

Face-Off Phil

Despite having never won a championship, Face-Off Phil is one of the best Dexteras on the team.

See: Face-Off Phil

Cleat Cunningham

Cleat Cunningham is the newest major wrestlers, and Season 5's champion.

See: Cleat Cunningham

Danny Kaboom

Danny Kaboom was a minor wrestler in Seasons 2 and 3, but the Stash's training allowed him to be a top contender for the Dexteras.

See: Danny Kaboom

Minor Wrestlers