The Scorchion

The Scorchion

Name: The Scorchion
Additional Info: Born with a Poisonous Pinky
Afflation: Evil Sinistra Major
Appearance: Seasons 1, 2, and 5
Record: 0W-2L

The Scorchion is The Sinistras' desert scorpion wrestlers.

Background Info

The Scorchion was in the desert scene, battling it out at thumb wrestling clubs in a desert like ring. His poisonous pinky made him dangerous, which made the Sinistras come across him and enter him in the TWF. Now The Scorchion has one thing set in his mind, to deliver a deadly sting to The Dexteras.

Personality + Battling Style

Battling Style


The Scorchion's battling style is plain brute force and the combo of stinging his opponent.

  • Thaigon Shtinger:

The Thaigon Stinger is The Scorchion's signature moves where he sting his opponent with his poisonious pinky. The effects leave them nauseous and makes the opponent vomit.


Opponent Outcome
Hometown Huck Lose
Mr. ExtremoLose

Season 1

The Scorchion's career began against the kind-hearted Hometown Huck.thumb|400px|left|Sorry about the quality. :'(

Season 2

The Scorchion makes an appearance in The Royal Thumble Tag-Team match, taking out James Montgomery Flag with a cactus, but is quickly tackled by Face-Off Phil.

Season 5

The Scorchion fights in his element in his match-up against daredevil Mr. Extremo.

See: Mr. Extremo vs The


  • He has lisp. "Thalutationth!" "Fear my thting!" "I'm thuper, THUPER thcared!"