The Stash's Stats

The Stash is James Montgomery Flag's father. His finisher is the Super Sneeze (which may have been picked up by Sick Vick). The Stash is the self-proclaimed rival to Colonel Cossack (Colonel says that to sound cool). Before retiring, he was a runner-up for Champion, being crushed by deceased thumb wrestler Johnny Cuticle. He trains his son James Montgomery Flag, and assisted the Dexteras in Season 4 when Bucks Gazillion was cheating. He nearly beat Senator Skull. However, The Stash became an annoyance for Senator Skull, so he used the Super Skull to knock him out.

Power: 70%

Agility: 68%

Stamina: 72%

Experence: 100%

0W 1L Later he returns to Season 4 to train the Dexteras to defeat the Gazillion INC. So far, 5 Dexteras have won because of his training (Face-Off Phil, Danny Kaboom, Wasabi, James Montgomery Flag and Mr. Extremo who beat Scoutmaster Scott, Evil Ira, Itsy Bitsy, Big Bad Billy Goatetsky and Queen Nefercreepy respectively.)

Opponent Outcome
Johnny Cuticle Lose
Senator Skull Lose