Please nominate the user or users who would make the best Thumb Wrestling Federation Wiki:Administrators. When a decision has been reached, a bureaucrat or Wikia Staff member can use Special:UserRights to give the admin tools to successful candidates.

Example usernameEdit

User:Thirty8 (Special:Contributions/Thirty8)Edit

Make me a admin this wiki needs a admin and im the man i have the most contributions I also made this wiki what it is today for more info check User talk:Exedra121 from Thirty8

User:J-man24star(Special:Contributions/J-man24star) Edit

I would like to become an admin. This wiki needs organization and security on these pages, and i feel that i have the skills to do so. I have recently been changing the character pages.

OH!!! It is you who made the matches all fancy! YES!

Support:I think you'll do well to the wiki of thois animated comedy short gameshow. FantasticDeadbotuliza (talk) 21:56, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

User:Bob Newbie is kl Edit

I would like to become an admin because I believe I have the skills to keep and improve the good stuff on this wiki whilst deleting the made up rubbish. I have already in the past changed all the character pages to Capital Letters where they should be. (Apart from some of the newer characters.) More recently I have been putting some pages up for deletion. I feel I can turn this wiki around. --Bob Newbie is kl 06:40, 14 June 2009 (UTC)

Sorry Bob Newbie is kl but you don't seem to have correct the wikia or what it takes! - EXEDRA121

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