There is a tournament in each season of TWF. The first round is where anyone can win and it's random who wins. The Quarterfinals is the second round. You get here if you either won a match in Round lost a match in Round 1, made it to the championship last season or won the Royal Thummble last season. . They skipped the Quarterfinals in Season 2. akby either winning a Quarterfinal match. or making it to the Championship last season (With the exception of Senator Skull). The last round is the Championship. You make it here by winning the Semifinal matches. Unlike most matches which are only 3 1/2 minutes, this match is always 10 minutes long instead. Whoever wins the match will become a TWF champion and will get to decide what to do with TWF. The Dexteras won't do anything to the TWF if someone on their team wins. But if someone on the Sinistras wins, the world will be takenover by Senator Skull. However, Bucks Gazillion made TWF a part of Gazillion Inc.. instead.

Quarterfinal matches in Season 1:

Quarterfinal matches in Season 3:

Quarterfinal matches in Season 4:

Semifinal matches in Season 1:

Semifinal matches in Season 2:

Semifinal matches in Season 3:

Semifinal matches in Season 4:

All Championships in order: