Tom Cat
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Tom Cat

Name: Tom Cat
Additional Info: Likes Yarn, Gets Stuck In Trees
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Appearance: Season 1&5
Record: 0W-2L
Portrayal: Dan Green

Tom Cat is The Dextera's cat based wrestler. He also is very curious.

Background Info

Tom Cat bio is unknown, but came across the Thumb Wrestling Federation with his shy but questioning nature.

Personality + Battling Style


Tom Cat's personality is of that of a household cat, with each quality it comes with. The liking of yarn, hissing, and getting stuck in trees.

Battling Style

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Tom Cat, Zombie Form

Tom Cat is one of the weakest wrestlers in the TWF, but he went to a championship. He has the ability to cough up enourmous hair balls, which medicial doctors can't figure out how. His greatest ability is after drinking zombie juice, he can turn into a zombie.


Opponent Outcome
The Big Time Lose
Scoutmaster ScottLose

Season 1

Tom Cat's debut in Season 1 had him against the biggest wrestler in the TWF, The Big Time!.

See:The Big Time vs Tom Cat.

Season 5

Returning to start off Season 5. Tom Cat comes up as Scoutmaster Scott and his Cookie Scouts next victim.

See:Scoutmaster Scott vs Tom Cat