Unit 19G

Unit 19G

Name: Unit 19G
Additional Info: Lacks Opposable Thumbs
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras
Record: W1, L2
Appearance: Seasons 1, 4, and 5

This robot sure can dance! Even though it has no sense of humor and he's always serious, he is still a great addition to the team due to his brute strength. It fought in the Royal Thumble and defeated Rolf the Reaper, but then lost to The Visitor because he used a U.F.O. He only dances The Robot. He was built by James Montgomery Flag.


Matches Participated In
Match Win Lose
vs N Fuego No Yes
vs Corbata Yes No
vs Mugsy Thumbscrew No Yes

  • Stats:

Power :


Season 1

Unit 19G wasn't doing so well even before he was taken down by a chair against the spicy N Fuego. thumb|300px|right|Unit 19g's First Loss--and Match

See: N Fuego vs Unit 19G

Season 2

He appeared in Season 2. In the Royal Thumble he battled Rolf the Reaper and smashed into the ground but lost after getting shot by The Visitor in his spaceship.

See: Royal Thumble

Season 4

thumb|300px|left|Finally! A Unit 19G win!Even after getting savatoged by a joystick, Unit 19G was still able to beat the game geek Corbata.

See: Unit 19G vs Corbata

Season 5

Unit 19G returned for Season 5, but was unable to beat master mobster Mugsy Thumbscrew

See Here: Mugsy Thumbscrew vs. Unit 19G


  • When fighting N Fuego, Unit 19G said his programming stopped him from harming anyone, but in the Royal Thumble, he could fight. Between these two matches he must have been reprogrammed by the Dexteras to battle.
  • When he was fighting N Fuego, it was announced that the Dexteras built him.
  • He was made by James Montgomery Flag
  • He has the lowest agility in the TWF


Unit 19G: Error. Error. Error.

N Fuego: Are you serious?!!

Unit 19G: I am a robot. I am always serious.

N Fuego: Whatever! \:(