Vini Vidi Victory!
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Vini Vidi Victory

Name: Vini Vidi Victory!
Additional Info: Leader of the Mighty Dexteras
Afflation: Mighty Dexteras, Leader
Appearance: Season 1-4
Record : 4W-1L
Portrayal: Wayne Grayson

Vini Vidi Victory is the founder and leader of the Mighty Dexteras, and is one of their best contenders.

Background Info


Vini and his Gang

Born in a bad neighborhood with bad influences, Vini's knack for leadership lead him to become the leader of the local gang. They were very powerful and unstoppable. The neighborhood was at their mercy, and could only stand back as they did terrible things, such as vandalism and stealing purses from the elderly women. Later on, Vini went to train in the local gym, where he got a taste of what it was like to be tough. Training with one of the gym workers, Vini realized where his life was going, and immediately turned it around. Training as much as he could in the gym, Vini became very powerful. When he was strong enough, Vini took on his old gang, and disbanded it by force. With his neighborhood safe, Vini set out to find a place to use his newfound moral and power. Eventually he found the Thumb Wrestling Federation, and founded the Mighty Dexteras in the face of revolt from Senator Skull, vowing that the Sinistras would never take over.[1]

Personality + Battling Style

Vini's Personality is a mix of his old bullying habits with his good-natured moral. He's tough, and likes to intimidate. Despite acting like a bully, Vini has a heart of gold, and cares for nothing less than the safety of the world.

Battling Style


Like The Big Time, Vini's battling style is a combination of brute force and Intimidation.

Signature Move: Vini Vidi Vada-Voom: The Vini Vidi Vada-Voom is a 4-hit combination and instant KO move. Vini Winds up, and hits his opponent saying the name of the move along with the crowd shouting with him. The move is vulnerable to interference, being stopped by the Big Time, and Canceled by Itsy Bitsy's web.


Opponent Outcome
Flashback Win
The Visitor Win
The Big Time Lose
Captain Carpal Win
Itsy Bitsy and The Visitor Win

Season 1

Vini Vidi Victory!'s Season One performance included two bouts with Flashback and The Visitor in the regular season, and was highlighted with a huge bout with Sinistra bruiser, The Big Time, in the quarterfinals of the TWF Championship.


Season 2

Vini's Sub-par Season 2 run included a near fatal match with Sinistra swashbuckler Captain Carpal as well as playing second fiddle to Tag Team Champion star, Face-Off Phil.


Season 3

Vini made several cameo appearances in Season 3, including Milty the Clown's match with Itsy Bitsy, Mr. Extremo vs. Bucks Gazillion and the Season 3 Championship

Season 4

Vini made a cameo appearance in Rolf the Reaper vs Hometown Huck


  • Vini's name is a rendition of Julius Ceasar's "Veni Vidi Vici" statement.
  • Despite being the leader, Vini has the least number of participating in the match of all Dextera Majors, but also has the fewest losses
  • Vini has the highest overall stats of all Dexteras Majors
  • In his match with Captain Carpal, his stats are different from the normal one.