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It's the Dextera's mighty leader Vini Vidi Victory! versus the confused Sinistra Flashback in the first episode of the first season.

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Dick Thompson says that they have a great match for the viewers, but Colonel Cossack isn't very happy. Dick's says that the viewers will love it. Vini and Flashback are soon introduced, and Dick reveals that Flashback has problems with his memory. In round one Vini takes control of the match and beats Flashback, but Flashback was too busy thinking of his dog Muffins to care about the match. In round two Flashback remembers that he is in a wrestling match and starts fighting. Both wrestlers take some big hits but Vini ends up on top at the end of the round because he got mad (and as his fans point out, he was already mad before this). In round three Flashback uses his signature move "The photo finish" to blind Vini. But Pinky tells Vini where Flashback is and Vini uses his own signature move, the Vini Vidi Vada-Voom, to win the match. Dick comments that the Mighty Dexteras are finally living up to their name, and the Colonel comments that he has no name. Dick reminds him that his name is Colonel Cossack, which triggers the Colonel into wanting to crush people.

Vini Vidi Victory! vs Flashback
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Episode: 1
Match: 1
Season: 1
Winner: Vini Vidi Victory!
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